Update Swiss K-31 10 Round Magazines

Video with a demonstration of RSI’s new Swiss K-31 10 Round Magazine.  Available soon in our online store.



We are currently laser cutting the magazine body’s out. We will have them assembled and ready for sale as soon as possible. But we will not cut corners and sacrifice quality. These magazines will be every thing our customers have come to expect from R.S.I. Our reputation rides on each product we produce. Made in USA Thanks for you patience.

Ken Norberg


RSI’s Left Handed Bolt Modification Service

RSI is proud to announce it’s new left handed bolt conversion service.  See the video below for details 150.00 plus shipping available now in our online store.

New +20 MOA Mosin Nagant Mounts for Hex and Round Receivers

Available Now!

Rock Solid is proud to introduce our newest addition to the line.  Our +20 MOA Mosin Nagant mounts.  We’ve taken our already proven scope mount design with the Picatinny style rail.  This new mount also features a full rail on the top so you’ll have more options for mounting your optics.  These mounts have been produced with a +20 MOA machined into them.  This will allow long range shooters to get more range on their scope without shimming.  Available now in our online store 65.00



It has been a long hard slog getting this Magazine project up and running. It looks like we finally have gotten the bugs worked out. I will be posting a video on our working prototypes soon. I want to thank all of the customers who have expressed an interest in this product. Rest assured when we offer this product it will work flawlessly. Top quality as all of the RSI line of products. The Zipper Strip is going thru a design change. This will facilitate ease of assembly and increase production. We will have them back in stock as soon as possible.

Ken Norberg R.S.I.

New for 2016 Swiss K-31 Firing Pin

100_2236smallRock Solid Industries created a replacement Swiss K-31 firing pin.  Made right here in the USA with hardened steel these are a direct replacement for you old worn or broken firing pin.  They will be available in our online store for 45.00 plus shipping.  Use this in combination with our K-31 replacement firing pin spring and get the maximum performance. Available now in our store.

Coming Soon! RSI’s New 10 round K-31 Magazine!!

082 cropNew for 2016!  RSI is proud to announce the development of a new 10 round magazine for the Swiss K31 rifle.  Directly replaces your current magazine with no modification to your Swiss K31.  Coming soon to our online store.  As always these magazines are made right here in the USA.


Our new Swiss K31 10 Round Magazine Coming Soon

Our new Swiss K31 10 Round Magazine Coming Soon

Zipper Strips Available Now In Our Online Store!

DSC_0020resizeThey’re here and ready to ship!
The RSI Zipper Strip, designed to work with the Mosin Nagant family of rifles these high quality speed loaders are for those of you that shoot either a traditional Mosin Nagant or a Scout Type where the loading rails are unobstructed.  These new speed loaders make loading your Mosin Nagant a joy instead of a painful task.  Made right here in the USA from galvanized steel these Zipper Strips are built to last. You’ll receive 3 RSI Zipper Strips for only 20.00 plus shipping.


Click on the image to watch the video!

Available Now!

Attention K-31 Shooters ! SAVE YOUR GP-11 BRASS!

Rock Solid Industries new Berdan military crimp cutter. For 7.62 NATO primed brass.
Works great with 7.5×55 Swiss GP-11 brass. I have used this tool as well for 8mm Mauser and 7.62×39.


Rock Solid Industries New Military Crimp Cutter

Using new brass which can cost up to a buck fifty per case today! And that’s such nice brass why would you throw it away?   It only makes good sense to reload those Berdan primed cases, our crimp cutter will allow you to quickly and cleanly remove the military crimp on brass or steel cases and leave the anvil untouched for an easy re-prime with Berdan primers. Made in the USA from heat treated A2 tool steel.  Available now for 20.00 plus shipping

Price Reduction!

Great News!  We’ve added new equipment to increase our production capacity! Making it possible to reduce the cost per mount, it allows us to pass the savings along to our customers. Last but by no means least…..We stay a made in the U.S.A. company!

I want to thank all of our customer for their support and help with comments and photos. We do read your feed back!
We will continue to find ways of improving customer support. R.S.I. will continue to develop and refine new products, so please
check the front page regularly for announcements.

Attention Customers

To All of our CUSTOMERS, we have been told by our sources for Mosin Nagant bolt bodies that they are out of stock.   Due to the current state of world affairs we do not expect to see any new sources for surplus bolt bodies any time soon.  Instead we suggest ordering our bolt welding service. Turn around is about 2 weeks at the moment.   That time will increase as we get into hunting season. We have been trying to locate a new supply but have been unsuccessful so far.  We here at RSI will continue to make every effort to locate a new supply of surplus bolt bodies.