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How to smooth out and speed up the Mosin Nagant bolt action rifle.

The picture parts ID are:
bolt explode
1. Extractor
2. Bolt Head
3. Firing Pin Spring
4. Firing Pin
5. Connecting Bar
6. Cocking Piece
7. Bolt Body


Part 5 the connecting bar is the main pivot point of the bolt and the key to a smooth/fast action. Start by performing a very complete cleaning of all the parts.  Rubbing alcohol works  great on crusty Russian cosmoline. Next using a scotch brite pad clean the two male ends on the connecting bar. Then clean the inside of the bolt head with the pad, also the bolt body end that slips over the male end of the connecting bar. If you have a polishing wheel then buff the two male ends.

Use a good quality grease like white lithium Lith-Ease or a high quality silicon grease.
Next you apply a heavy coat to the two male ends on the connecting bar and the inside of the bolt head as well to the inside lip of the bolt body. I also apply some to the guide ring on the firing pin. Don’t worry about the grease squeezing out of the bolt when you put back together, just wipe off the excess after you have reassembled.

some silicon lubes if put down the bore will throw off your shots. So remember to wipe the bolt down. I learned this the hard way.

Free floating the barrel.
The best way I have found to free float a barrel is to take a piece of ¾ white pvc plastic water pipe about 8” long. Wrap it with sand paper 60 grit if working with a composite ATI stock and a less aggressive grit if your working a wood stock. Work this back and forth in the barrel channel. You will need to check your progress by putting the action in the stock looking at the float. The ideal float for me is a sheet of note paper folded 3 times that will slide under and around the barrel from the tip of the forearm back to the action.

Polishing the bore.
The Mosin Nagant is not a chrome lined barrel but you can shine it just like one. I can not stress this enough IT WILL IMPROVE ACCURACY! It is a well known fact non chrome lined barrels give the best accuracy. Most of the mil-surp rifles on the market today have been in military storage depots for 50 to 60 years. The Cosmoline they used prevented rust, but stained the bore. This can be removed and shined up improving accuracy buy using a product found in the auto section with the waxes and polish of your local Wal-Mart. The name of the product is Never Dull it comes in a silver can with black lettering. When you open it up it looks like spun cotton candy. Put your slotted cleaning tip on your rod and run it thru the bore so the slotted tip is sticking out the muzzle. Pull a jag of never dull out and work it thru the slot, the jag should be large enough to be a tight fit when pulled back into the bore, work this back and forth in the bore. When the first jag is removed it will most likely be tar black. Now run 2 clean patches thru the bore. I like to break in a new mil-surp bore by running 5 jags of Never Dull with clean patches between jags on the 5th jag I use a large clean patch to buff the bore. After shooting I always finish cleaning the bore with a jag of Never Dull and a clean patch then oil the bore.

Pillar and bedding: the original idea  is from the Swiss K-31 but the principal is the same!  The end result will be that the only the receiver is locked into the stock. Also go to the article on our site of the heavy barrel with the thumb hole stock. Read how he set the action in the stock.

Trigger Improvements
Next look at the trigger you will probably need to work it over, or replace it? It boils down to what works for you, but a SNAP CAP will help you get your trigger control down with out shooting ammo. This is something I do on a regular basis. Set down in a room with a window and set a sand bag on a table, pick a target looking out the window. When you get your trigger pull down the cross hairs won’t move making the shot.

New Trigger

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