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Below you can read some of the comments our customers have made about our products.

I just finished what I think is the finest Mosin Nagant I have ever put out of this shop. I attached a bunch of pictures for you to use if you like. Tell Ken that MI-24 scope base is by far the best thing he has come out with since the first RS scope base.

William Wood
Orion Gun Works
Panama City, FL

Ken- Here is my second testimonial for Rock Solid.  I was so pleased with the Weaver mount that I bought for my Scout rifle that I bought the Picatinny mount for my long range Mosin. I had zeroed the scope on my scout rifle at 100 yards, and I took the same scope off the scout and put it onto the long rifle and it was no more than a few clicks off zero, right off the bat. It’s amazing how well your mount repeats. How else could you move a scope from one rifle to another so easily? I would highly recommend to others that they buy a high quality #21 drill and a plug-style tap for installation, like MSC Industrial #09593518 for the OSG drill, and #04620662 for an OSG tap. Forget “quality import” drills and taps, there is no such thing. Also, the socket head action screws are worth their weight in gold. I bought the bent bolt and installed it myself, only because the finished bolt bodies were out of stock, and since I have a mill and a TIG welding machine. Let me say RSI’s bolt welding service is well worth it, since they already have the setup and experience to do them quickly and properly. With Timney triggers in both my modified Mosins, and Rock Solid scope mounts, I am convinced that RSI is the hot setup.

Wade Sprayberry
Blairsville, GA

I got the Rock Solid mount installed this past Saturday. It fits well, and the mount and bolt handle work
well together. In the pictures, you can see the hand guard and stock have been dramatically shortened, along with the barrel. I reshaped the ends of both to take the original brass and steel end fittings, respectively. I set the stock in the mill vise at 4 degrees and cut the tapered-depth slot for the barrel band spring with a 5/32″ endmill, which you can see is now behind the front sling attachment point. I got the lathe work finished on the flash hider, and I’ll set up the index head on the mill to cut the slots this weekend. I cut 5/8-24 threads on the barrel in the lathe, and recrowned it with a Brownell’s tool with an 11 degree angle, that’s a good tool. I’ve also found that a two flute endmill works just fine as a router bit when I turn the spindle speed on the mill all the way up, so I’ll use it to relieve the stock for the Timney trigger, which arrived yesterday. Thank you for the advice on your website, it has been very helpful! After these things, it’s time to get messy with epoxy to bed the whole mess in.

Thank you again for your excellent products! I’m anxious to send pics of the finished rifle. Cheap carb
cleaner does a good job of removing the factory finish, btw. Excellent.

Wade, Blairsville, GA

Dear Sirs, I have a small discrete business specializing in “mission specific design” tactical recommendations. I deal mainly with budget limited private security customer base and am always looking for cost effective solutions in this steadily failing economic atmosphere. I have recently come in contact with a few of your products and found them quite innovative. Your bent bolt/scope mount combo for the Mosin Nagant has given me a viable argument for a counter sniper solution when a customer can’t see the justification of a costly Remington that will likely never be used. Your products are presentable, reliable, and durable. I will surely be pointing more people in your direction. Keep up the good work!

Hey, Ken…just got my bolt handle in the mail and I just wanted to thank you for all your good advice and quality product. I was very impressed with the excellent workmanship involved in the product you provided, and the customer service I received and the personal attention I received from you. Thanks…and you will be getting plenty of references from me in the future. Sincerely,

I wanted to say thank you very much for the excellent service and product. Ken you’re a great guy to deal with and very pleasant. Your K31 mount is perfect. I will make sure to tell everyone I know about you guys over there at Rock Solid. You treated me with respect and great courtesy when I talked to you on the phone about my rifle and delivered as promised. I can’t stop looking at my rifle, it’s so damn sexy now with that mount and I’m already comfortable with the new position of the scope, much better. I feel better aligned and sighting is more natural. I cycled rounds through it and the deflector works flawlessly. Thank you once again for awesome customer service!

Hey, I just talked to Ken and ordered a scope mount bolt combo, bedding pillars, and adjustments screws and after talking to him on the phone could not be more satisfied with the quality of service and helpful tips he gave me. I will definitely recommend Rock Solid to any and everyone I know with a Mosin Nagant! Thanks again for superb service.

Ken, just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your mount. My 91/30 is shooting darts. Thank you so much, again I would recommend this to anyone trying to make their Mosin-Nagant more accurate. Thanks,

I received my package from you on Friday about noon and by 9 pm I was finished with the install. Bore sighted as instructed, then drilled my side mount hole and locked it in. What can I say–PERFECT, I love it. Thank you again for making a quality product.

The bolt body arrived this morning. I installed it before I left for work and it is beautiful! You guys do a great job and you will be hearing from me on my next build. Thank you for your quality service and prompt shipping!

I would like to thank you for the service and products that you have. The Rock Solid Mosin Nagant mount and the turn down bolt body work very well with the Mosins that I have added these to. My customers are very pleased with the results that they get from the scope mount. I would not hesitate to use your mounts on any of the rifles that I get from customers.

Ken, I want to personally thank you for the outstanding work on the bolt as well as the superior scope mount you sent. I have a bud doing the drill, tap, and install and look forward to shooting this again. Again, most impressive…definitely a factor of 10 on the Fun Scale. Respectfully and thanks,

Ken, WOW…got the bolts and immediately the next day I went to the range. Groups smaller than 0.5 MOA!! With my scoped M39 with your Rock Solid mount was hitting clay pigeons at 300 yards. Regards,

Ken, I received the bolt today. All I have to say is……Awesome job!! That is a 71 year old bolt that looks brand new! The lube was a nice touch, so was the polish job that you did. I am already looking for other things to buy from your site. Thanks, great job!

Ken, I installed the bedding pillars and new screws and finally got to the range with the M38 yesterday. I fired perhaps 30 rounds at 100 and 200 yards with iron sights. This rifle is inherently accurate and if you’ll recall, had the loosening screws and stock cracking problem. I am delighted to report the rifle remained accurate throughout my ammo test and nothing came loose. I commend the quality and usefulness of the pillars. I will next be ordering a set for my 1891 and then the scope mount for my carbine. Excellent stuff! Regards,

Dear Ken, Parts just arrived and I love them. I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of your products. She goes to the smith on Tuesday for mounting. Would like to submit a picture for your gallery upon completion. Once again thanks for your help and providing a high quality product. I will be sure to recommend you to everybody with a M-N rifle. Thank you,

I received the Mosin Nagant scope mount and bolt body combo a few weeks ago and I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the quality. Thanks so much for the outstanding product and have a Happy New Year!

Hey Ken, just wanted to tell you that I received my Nagant scope mount, bolt assembly and pillars with screws. I have for now mounted my 6×24 power scope and bedded the action to the military stock. I managed a 2-1/2 group of four at 200 yds after sighting this in. I did not take the last shot #5 (did not want to push my luck)! I am very happy with the equipment you sold me. I’ll keep you posted when I complete the new prone stock I am building and give results. I will use the pillars and screws with this new stock-I did not take the time to install on the military stock. Anyway, thanks for the quick service!

Got my bolt a few days ago, I like it a lot, I will fill an order for another bolt package just like before for my other Mosin Nagant, the pictured black stock on the Mosin in your photo gallery. The craftsmanship on the bolt is outstanding. Thanks, Myron, I can’t wait to hunt Montana with my Mosin Nagant…!

Thanks for the awesome scope mount!

I got my order. I gotta tell ya, I’m really impressed with your stuff! I hesitated about ordering the bedding pillars. I thought $10 was a lot for bedding pillars until I saw them. They are very well made and nicely finished. I like them.

Finally finished my rifle boys and I want to thank you for the best damn mount I’ve ever used. Damn fine work you do.

Thanks, Ken. I took my rifle out to the range today to try out my new bolt, mount and scope. I am very pleased with it! It truly holds up to the name..Rock Solid! The gunsmith even commented on how well it was made and said that it was the best mount he had ever seen! You have a great product! I am thinking about buying a Timney trigger for the Mosin Nagant. What are your feelings regarding that? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

Hi, all, I just wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you thanks for a great product. I bought one of your 91/30 hex mounts and bolt handles and I just finished the rifle up enough to shoot it this week. Tula barrel with no crown work, Boyd stock, Bushnell 5×15 mil dot and your mount shot a first group of 1.16 inches without the action even being bedded! Damn good mount, I really appreciate it and I’ll be telling everybody I know that RSI is the ONLY way to go. Thanks again!

Hi, Ken! My name is Robert from SC. I bout a Mosin Nagant scope mount and bent bolt on 2/15/10. Your components fit and drilled perfect. Rock solid just like you said. I promised you pictures and here they are. I hope you use at least one. My 44 did come out pretty good. Thanks for a good product.

Ken, Got my Mosin back from the Gunsmith. Really like the heavy Rock Solid scope mount. Mounted the scope with Warne rings which, for the price, I think are perhaps the best. Got the Timney trigger mounted. Great up-grade. Action pillar bedded and barrel free floated. I found for my rifle that 4064 works better than 4350. 44 grains of 4064 using a Russian steel case (bullet and powder removed, obviously) loaded with the Sierra 174 gr hpbt #2315 out of 3.5 inches measured with the Hornady bullet comparator, and using a Lee Factory Crimp, results in amazingly accurate loads for an 85 year old gun. No kidding, at two hundred yards (that’s right, 2 hundred yards), yesterday in cool morning air with no wind, it shot a group of three that measured 5/8 to 3/4 inches. It was essentially one hole with three shot rings around it. This was done using a Caldwell Lead Sled after three rounds to foul and warm the barrel. Anyway, 4064 seems to work better for me than 4350 with the Russian steel case. Have ordered the Lapua brass and will try them next. Thanks for your help. Next week I will clean up the gun and dura coat it. Will send you a picture of a target and the rifle in a month or so after the dura coat has cured. Thanks again for your help. This rifle is really fun to shoot, one of my favorites.

Thanks, this is the best mod for my Mosin Nagant. It’s Rock Solid for sure. Thanks!

Got everything a few days ago. All was fine, you did a great job on the bolt handle. A beautiful job. Very happy with all. If you would please send the reloading info on the 7.62/54R you told me about. And any other info you think would be of help to me. Again great job. Thank you so much,

Hi, Ken! I had a scope mount installed by a gunsmith. The gunsmith commented that this mount is the best he has seen because of the way it is secured to the receiver. Your workmanship was impeccable on the bolt, well worth the money compared to the other so-called bolts that are out there. I was able to put five rounds of 7.62R Bulgarian 148 gr FMJ military surplus in a 1/2-3/4 inch group in the center of the target a 100 yards. Again, I would like to thank you for all of your help, information and time spent with me on the phone. Sincerely,

I have friends that shoot a 10 round group in a 1-1/2 x 1-1/4 sq. at 300 yards with your type of rifle. Visit Rock Solid Ind. home page and e-mail Ken with any questions about your rifle, he knows the Mosin Nagant inside and out and has some excellent advice to improve the performance of your gun and sells add on for scope mounts, pillar kits, etc, at reasonable prices.

Hi, there! This is Dzmitry. I just ordered from you some things for the Mosin Nagant and have been advised to ask you about tips and tricks for this type of rifle. So, it would be great if you’d send me that to my e-mail. Thank you very much for high quality product and great personality!

I love your stuff! Are you working on any new products for the future? I would like to see a new floorplate/mag assembly for the Mosin Nagant. Even a detachable magazine? You guys are the best!

Dear Sir, Your mount is certainly Rock Solid. It was very easy to install and now my rifle looks pretty cool and shoots well. What I’m complaining about is I have spent a LOT of money on rifles and now my $50 Mosin shoots as well as any of my Winchester or Remingtons. If you had designed and marketed your mount sooner I would have more money for hunting trips, cheap liquor and I’d be able to take my old lady to restaurants that actually use real silverware! Best Regards,

Ken, I just want to say that the products that I bought from you is immaculate! I’ve bee shooing 2-1/2 inch groups at 100 yards. That’s way more than I thought I would ever accomplish when I first started this project. All the info and tricks to shoot straight was very helpful. You are the Master of your work. You will be hearing from me again when I start another rifle. I’m tellin’ all my shootin’ buddies about ROCKSOLID!! Thank you so very much!

Hello, I just wanted to say a big thanks to you for your help and advice. I ordered the Nikon Buckmaster scope I was recommended and am happy with it from just looking the scope over but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I took your advice on buying some Nevr-dull to clean the bore with and it looks awesome now. I am getting ready to also free float the barrel as recommended. I can’t wait to put my new bolt handle, pillars, and scope on when it arrives (I’m also going to buy a Timney trigger for it). Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks a lot for your help. Probably the best customer service that I’ve ever got from a company. Thanks again and happy shooting,

Ken, Thanks for the tips on cleaning and polishing the bolt for Mosin Nagant. What a difference it made, it is so smooth. Thanks again,

Ken, Just wanted you to know how much I like the scope mount. The best by far or the Mosin Nagant. Thank you for the quick service and all the information. I cannot wait to get it mounted and out to the range. Thanks so much!

Hi, Ken! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I love the new mount, it works great! Got it zero’d in less than ten rounds. Thanks again,

I appreciate the fast service and good quality of products that I have purchased from you. It has the RSI round receiver mount, bedding pillars, firing pin spring and the bent bolt handle. Along with a few other products, such as the timney trigger, muzzle break, bolt knob, bedded action, duracoat and bi pod- It will make a fine addition to my collection.
Thank you again for your fine products,

I just wanted to let you know I got my order in the mail this past Saturday. I was shocked it came so quick and happy to see it. I was then blown away with the quality of everything. Super great service and great products. I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with everything.

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