Precision Machined

Our scope mounts are manufactured to the highest standards and machined from solid blocks of 6061 aluminum. The mounts are then coated with a special hardened coating that reduces chipping and scratching as well as being resistant to salt spray corrosion. More »

Highest Quality

Hex or Round receiver support, not just some generic mount we have a different mount for each rifle, this means our mounts are designed to work with your rifle. These mounts have proven results with sub MOA accuracy to 800 yards More »

Strength and Stability

3 mounting points (two on the top forward part of the receiver and one on the left side of the receiver in the stripper clip guide area). Our scope mounts use the same top two mounting points as some similar mounts on the market. More »

Optimum Performance

Top builders of custom Mosin Nagant Rifles choose Rock Solid Industries mounts for their personal as well as customer builds. Our mounts offer builder the performance and stability required to push these rifles into competition winning rigs. More »

Swiss K31 Mount

Rock Solid Industries also has designed a mount for the Swiss K31 owner, machined from a solid blocks of steel. These competition winning mounts are crafted to give your rifle a stable platform for your scope, which intern will optimize your rifles long range performance. More »


Rocks Solids Industries Scope Mounts and Bolt Bodies work with a wide range of aftermarket stocks. Our products are used by the majority of top builders for custom Mosin Nagant rifles. More »


Announcement: Welcome to Rock Solid Industries! Dedicated to Precision, Quality, and Strength.

Welcome to Rock Solid Industries home of the finest Mosin Nagant and K31 scope mounts available. All of our mounts are made right here in the United States. All Items sold by Rock Solid Industries are Patented and Patent Pending..


Items sold by Rock Solid Industries are Patented or Patent Pending.

Swiss K31 Scope Mount Update

At this time we will not just sell the mount as we can not guarantee the function of the mount if not installed by BGGW.

How to ship your K-31 rifle in for scope mount installation. Strip the rifle down to just the barreled action with the bolt. We recommend that you slip into a soft gun case. Then pack it into a sturdy box. Ship via UPS, please make sure to purchase the return shipping slip along with any insurance you would want.


Any rifles shipped to the installation facility without the return shipping tag will not be worked on until the return shipping amount has been received!
The turn around time for installation on your rifle is approximately three weeks.

Ship via UPS to
Bluegrass Gun Works
701 west main street
Campbellsville KY 42718

RSI Introduces “The Zipper Strip”

Rock Solid Industries is proud to announce it’s latest addition to the catalog. The Zipper Strip, The main reason for rethinking the stripper clip was to have a compact, dependable, light, fast 5 round magazine for my scout hunting rifle. So we went back to the drawing board and the result was the “Zipper Strip”, as you can see from the video with the right ammo pouch carrying four five or six Zipper Strips fits the bill nicely. They are currently in production and should be available by the end of February. Price TBA.

RSI to attend this years Shot Show

shot2SHOT Show is the shooting industry’s largest show and takes place this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event is meant to build relationships between everyone in the industry and is a great way to showcase products and features to dealers. This will be the first year that Rock Solid Industries, Bluegrass Gun stocks and Gun Works attends the SHOT Show.  We hope to use this opportunity to connect with more dealers in an effort to build stronger business relationships and foster new ones. For our customers this means more places that you can find your favorite RSI Components.

If you are planning on attending SHOT Show this year please stop by the RSI booth, we will be showcasing some new products that we plan to release in the upcoming months . We will be having SHOT Show specials for dealers visiting our booth. If you want to find out how to become a RSI Authorized Dealer, you can come by and visit us at Booth # 4457        We can’t wait to see you there!

Swiss K-31 MOUNTS Update

Due to heavy demand for our Mosin Nagant mounts,we are running behind on Swiss K-31 mount production. We will be producing a large run of Swiss K-31 Mounts next month to take care of customer demand. We thank you for your interest. Rest assured we will never sacrifice quality for speed.

RSI Trigger Shoes Now Available


Trigger not included

Trigger not included

Our Mosin Nagant Trigger Shoe is designed to fit on your standard Mosin Nagant trigger. this should also fit on Finnish triggers that use the Mosin Nagant design as well. Adding a trigger shoe to your trigger greatly improves the feel and allows for better positioning and control. It also will make your trigger pull feel lighter because of the improved positioning. The shoe installs quickly simply with 2 hex head screws and is easily removed for rifle break down when cleaning. These trigger shoes are made right here in the USA from sturdy 6061 Aluminum and then coated with a cleat anodized finish.  Available in our online store

RSI Introduces Our New Tactical Knobs

Tactical KnobsWe at Rock Solid Industries are proud to announce the latest edition to our product line,  our new RSI Tactical Bolt Knobs.  These knobs are custom machined for RSI and will fit your Mosin Nagant or any other rifle that has a standard 5/16 – 24 thread on its bolt handle.

The current line will offer 2 different designs in each material, first is the “Tactical Weave” and the second is a “Spiral Weave” Pattern.

These new bolt knobs are available in your choice of materials, brass for those who would like a little more show, aluminum for those who are concerned about adding weight and steel which is by far the most rugged and can be blued to match your rifle.  Each knob is fitted with rubber O rings to help with grip and comfort.  These Tactical Bolt Knobs are the perfect match for our new RSI threaded bolt handle.  Prices for the knobs are Brass $28.00, Aluminum and Steel will sell for $25.00.  These are available now in our online store.

MI-24C Mount comes to the Finnish M39 variant

scope3The MI-24C  rail system is now being produced for the Finnish M39 rifle as well as the original M91/30.  The M39 version is the latest addition to the RSI product catalog.  This rail is modeled after the US Armies M24E1 sniper rifles picatinny rail system.  It mounts using the same hole pattern as our standard mounts with an additional stabilization mount at the M39’s rear site.  Designed to allow for expansion the MI-24C rail includes 2 additional attachment points on either side for accessory rails (available separately) to expand it’s capabilities even further.  The MI-24C rail system can be used with flip up sites, conventional scopes, LER scopes or used in combination with night vision and other rail mounted accessories.  If your looking to build a tactical M39 give this mount a try.  You can see this product as well as the rest of the RSI catalog of products in our Online Store

New Threaded Bolt Handle Now Available!

new bolt handleNew from Rock Solid Industries our new threaded bolt handle for the Mosin Nagant M91/30 and it’s variants,  The new style handle is slightly over 2.19 inches long with a diameter of .380 inches.  The threaded portion of the handle is just a little over 1/2 inch in length and has a 5/16″-24 threads.

RSI’s new bolt handle is designed to work with the longer style bolt knobs such as our own bolt knobs as well as those made by Surgeon Rifles.   Shorter style knobs will work but the threads may require some shorting of to prevent the handle from bottoming out.  Please Note:  While use of a shorter style bolt knob my be possible, the results may be less that satisfactory for positioning of the handle.  RSI will soon be releasing a longer version of this handle soon for projects that wish to incorporate a shorter style bolt knob in there build.

The price for the new handle is 30.00 us.  The new handle will also be available in our Bolt Body welding service for the same 50.00 price as the standard knob.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Make it a Combo!

We’ve just added a new feature to our online store, you can now make any scope mount into a combo!  Just use the drop down at the bottom of the item and you’ll see the option to add a RSI Mosin Nagant Bolt Body with Handle to your purchase.  This will also give you a 10% discount off the price of the bolt body at check out.  The 10% discount only applies to bolt bodies purchased with a scope mount.  Bolt bodies sold separately are still $80.00.