Precision Machined

Our scope mounts are manufactured to the highest standards and machined from solid blocks of 6061 aluminum. The mounts are then coated with a special hardened coating that reduces chipping and scratching as well as being resistant to salt spray corrosion. More »

Highest Quality

Hex or Round receiver support, not just some generic mount we have a different mount for each rifle, this means our mounts are designed to work with your rifle. These mounts have proven results with sub MOA accuracy to 800 yards More »

Strength and Stability

3 mounting points (two on the top forward part of the receiver and one on the left side of the receiver in the stripper clip guide area). Our scope mounts use the same top two mounting points as some similar mounts on the market. More »

Optimum Performance

Top builders of custom Mosin Nagant Rifles choose Rock Solid Industries mounts for their personal as well as customer builds. Our mounts offer builder the performance and stability required to push these rifles into competition winning rigs. More »

Swiss K31 Mount

Rock Solid Industries also has designed a mount for the Swiss K31 owner, machined from a solid blocks of steel. These competition winning mounts are crafted to give your rifle a stable platform for your scope, which intern will optimize your rifles long range performance. More »


Rocks Solids Industries Scope Mounts and Bolt Bodies work with a wide range of aftermarket stocks. Our products are used by the majority of top builders for custom Mosin Nagant rifles. More »


Announcement: Welcome to Rock Solid Industries! Dedicated to Precision, Quality, and Strength.

Welcome to Rock Solid Industries home of the finest Mosin Nagant and K31 scope mounts available. All of our mounts are made right here in the United States. All Items sold by Rock Solid Industries are Patented and Patent Pending..


Items sold by Rock Solid Industries are Patented or Patent Pending.

Zipper Strips Available Now In Our Online Store!

DSC_0020resizeThey’re here and ready to ship!
The RSI Zipper Strip, designed to work with the Mosin Nagant family of rifles these high quality speed loaders are for those of you that shoot either a traditional Mosin Nagant or a Scout Type where the loading rails are unobstructed.  These new speed loaders make loading your Mosin Nagant a joy instead of a painful task.  Made right here in the USA from galvanized steel these Zipper Strips are built to last. You’ll receive 3 RSI Zipper Strips for only 20.00 plus shipping.


Click on the image to watch the video!

Attention K-31 Shooters ! SAVE YOUR GP-11 BRASS!

Rock Solid Industries new Berdan military crimp cutter. For 7.62 NATO primed brass.
Works great with 7.5×55 Swiss GP-11 brass. I have used this tool as well for 8mm Mauser and 7.62×39.


Rock Solid Industries New Military Crimp Cutter

Using new brass which can cost up to a buck fifty per case today! And that’s such nice brass why would you throw it away?   It only makes good sense to reload those Berdan primed cases, our crimp cutter will allow you to quickly and cleanly remove the military crimp on brass or steel cases and leave the anvil untouched for an easy re-prime with Berdan primers. Made in the USA from heat treated A2 tool steel.  Available now for 20.00 plus shipping

Price Reduction!

Great News!  We’ve added new equipment to increase our production capacity! Making it possible to reduce the cost per mount, it allows us to pass the savings along to our customers. Last but by no means least…..We stay a made in the U.S.A. company!

I want to thank all of our customer for their support and help with comments and photos. We do read your feed back!
We will continue to find ways of improving customer support. R.S.I. will continue to develop and refine new products, so please
check the front page regularly for announcements.

Attention Customers

To All of our CUSTOMERS, we have been told by our sources for Mosin Nagant bolt bodies that they are out of stock.   Due to the current state of world affairs we do not expect to see any new sources for surplus bolt bodies any time soon.  Instead we suggest ordering our bolt welding service. Turn around is about 2 weeks at the moment.   That time will increase as we get into hunting season. We have been trying to locate a new supply but have been unsuccessful so far.  We here at RSI will continue to make every effort to locate a new supply of surplus bolt bodies.


New Products for 2015!

Compare 870

Converted Remington 870

Rock Solid is expanding it’s line of accessories with the addition of 2 new products.   The first is a conversion kit for the Remington 870, the second is a conversion kit to fit the Mossberg 500 series shotgun.  Both kits can be installed in less than an hour and come with the tools for installation.  The conversion is made from rugged glass reinforced polymer.

Features and Benefits

Designed to accept a wide variety of aftermarket AR-style accessories
Familiar AR-style grip and safety Split-trigger for increased safety
Variety of rail mounting areas for tactical accessories
Super-smooth and contoured slide release area
Rugged shell deflector for left handed shooters
Ergonomically shaped and easy-to-grip slide forearm
Generous access to loading port
Conversion assembles easily with tools provided
Easy to follow conversion instructions included
Multiple ambidextrous sling points for 1-point and 2-point sling
Field strips with tools included under butt pad
Manufactured from rugged, hi-tech, molded materials
Features an easy-to-grip, non-reflective surface texture
Does not in any way alter the original shotgun
Overall thickness: 2.75”, width: 8”, length: 28”
Shipping weight: 2 lbs 12 oz, package dimensions: 4”x12” x33”

Can I use a longer barrel (18 inch) and extended mag tube?
Yes, with the open front end design a longer barrel and mag tube can be used. (extended mag tube not included) Will not work with ATI and Wilson Combat extension with large attachment nut.

What guns do these kits work with?
This conversion kit only fits 2 ¾ and 3 inch 12 gauge Remington 870/ Mossberg 500 shotgun with plain barrel with bead sight. It will not work with a 3 1/2 inch receiver, ribbed barrel, 18.5 inch barrel with rifle sights. Mossberg’s with bayonet lugs or with a barrel brake that is non-removable. We have found that on some Mossberg’s the metal forearm tube is shorter than others, in this case approximately 1-3/16 inch must be cut off the front of our forearm tube so the tube nut can be reinstalled.   Maverick’s/Mossberg’s with the one piece forearm will not work.

Available NOW from our online store for just 298.00 plus shipping!

NEW for 2015! Swiss K-31 Firing Pin Spring

k31 300x300It’s hard to believe that anyone could improve on something the Swiss built but we did!  Introducing the RSI custom wound Swiss K-31 Firing Pin Spring.  This spring was developed in a joint venture between the owner of WWW.SOCAMO.COM and C&R Spring Company LLC, the same guys who designed our incredibly popular Mosin Nagant spring.  Their goal was to create a spring that would improve the functionality of  the Swiss K-31 rifle without sacrificing reliability.  Each spring is made using high quality steel,  the spring ends are then squared and ground.  Then they are treated with a black oxide coating to prevent corrosion.  Once the spring takes a “set” in the bolt the user will see a noticeable improvement in the performance of their rifle.  The new design significantly decreases lock time and to improves bolt cycling (one of the biggest complaints about the K-31).  This new spring also makes it easier to remove the firing pin when disassembling the K-31 bolt for cleaning.  We’ve tested this spring with both commercial and surplus loads and the performance has been outstanding.  Available Now in our online store.  Click Here To Purchase

Swiss K31 Scope Mount Update

At this time we will not just sell the mount as we can not guarantee the function of the mount if not installed by BGGW.

How to ship your K-31 rifle in for scope mount installation. Strip the rifle down to just the barreled action with the bolt. We recommend that you slip into a soft gun case. Then pack it into a sturdy box. Ship via UPS, please make sure to purchase the return shipping slip along with any insurance you would want.


Any rifles shipped to the installation facility without the return shipping tag will not be worked on until the return shipping amount has been received!
The turn around time for installation on your rifle is approximately three weeks.

Ship via UPS to
Bluegrass Gun Works
701 west main street
Campbellsville KY 42718

RSI to attend this years Shot Show

shot2SHOT Show is the shooting industry’s largest show and takes place this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event is meant to build relationships between everyone in the industry and is a great way to showcase products and features to dealers. This will be the first year that Rock Solid Industries, Bluegrass Gun stocks and Gun Works attends the SHOT Show.  We hope to use this opportunity to connect with more dealers in an effort to build stronger business relationships and foster new ones. For our customers this means more places that you can find your favorite RSI Components.

If you are planning on attending SHOT Show this year please stop by the RSI booth, we will be showcasing some new products that we plan to release in the upcoming months . We will be having SHOT Show specials for dealers visiting our booth. If you want to find out how to become a RSI Authorized Dealer, you can come by and visit us at Booth # 4457        We can’t wait to see you there!

Swiss K-31 MOUNTS Update

Due to heavy demand for our Mosin Nagant mounts,we are running behind on Swiss K-31 mount production. We will be producing a large run of Swiss K-31 Mounts next month to take care of customer demand. We thank you for your interest. Rest assured we will never sacrifice quality for speed.