Swiss K31 Mount

RSI-3 Rock Solid Industries has once again taken another tough receiver design and developed a scope mount to fit the needs of the American shooting enthusiast. The Swiss K-31 rifle offers its own unique set of problems when trying to mount any type of optical sight system. Those of you who wish to scope one of these rifles were left with very few options until now. Our unique design allows the mount to be placed directly center on the receiver. Our engineering team also solved the problem of cycling spent cartridges without hitting the scope or damaging the casings for those of you who are into reloading. The Swiss K-31 scope mount is made from a single block of steel and blued to a black finish. Then we added a tunable deflection arm to protect the scope from the spent cartridge when cycling the bolt. The Swiss K-31 scope mount allows the scope to be mounted on the center of the receiver and lets you keep the scope low to the rifle for proper eye relief.

Our Swiss K-31 scope mount also has a unique way it mounts to the receiver. We use 4 mounting screws and slightly angled them toward the centerline of the mount to conform to the shape of the receiver. This allows for a stronger lock to the receiver. This patented ideal along with our patented deflection arm makes this one of the best mounts ever developed for the K-31 rifle.

Here is a review from DrX on our K31 Mount

“I’ve been working with Ken Norberg’s K31 scope mount for the past few weeks. The more I shoot with it,
the more I like it. And so far I like everything about it. I thought I would share some feedback on it to the board members. Craftsmanship and design is superb. The mount is designed around industry standard “weaver” type ring attachments, which give a shooter a wide range of choices. The over bore design of the scope base gives the shooter the preferred scope mounting arrangement for sight picture and eye relief. This mount is indeed “Rock Solid” in it’s very strong design and very strong 4 point drill and tap mounting to the receiver. Ken does this on a custom jig in his shop and it is done right. One thing that I found ingenious about this mount is the shell ejection blade. When I first received my rifle back from Ken I had a few failures to eject of the empty cases. We talked about this on the phone. Ken told me, “the blade is designed to be tunable, just bend it up a little and try again”. After bending it slightly upward, I have 100% ejection now. Very positive ejection I might add. And 100% clearance on the scope as well. The mount’s design does not detract from the beautiful lines of the rifle too. I really like that. I like the clamp-on type mounts for quick on/off utility, no alteration approach. But for a dedicated scope mount this is by far my choice.
Sniper grade.

At this time we will install these mounts for our customers. We do offer a mounting jig for gunsmiths but these are made on request so please contact us for pricing.

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