RSI Introduces Our New Tactical Knobs

Tactical KnobsWe at Rock Solid Industries are proud to announce the latest edition to our product line,  our new RSI Tactical Bolt Knobs.  These knobs are custom machined for RSI and will fit your Mosin Nagant or any other rifle that has a standard 5/16 – 24 thread on its bolt handle.

The current line will offer 2 different designs in each material, first is the “Tactical Weave” and the second is a “Spiral Weave” Pattern.

These new bolt knobs are available in your choice of materials, brass for those who would like a little more show, aluminum for those who are concerned about adding weight and steel which is by far the most rugged and can be blued to match your rifle.  Each knob is fitted with rubber O rings to help with grip and comfort.  These Tactical Bolt Knobs are the perfect match for our new RSI threaded bolt handle.  Prices for the knobs are Brass $28.00, Aluminum and Steel will sell for $25.00.  These are available now in our online store.

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