Expand your MI-24C Rail Systems With These New Accessories

MI24C-photo-build-v3The MI-24C scope mount system was designed to be used as a standalone unit or it can be expanded and customized using these three new add-on components from Rock Solid Industries.   The MI-24C’s add-on components come in the following sizes.

45 degree 2.875  inches long
90 degree 2.875  inches long
90 degree 2.875 inches long but designed to sit off the rail further

The extensions were designed to allow for easy mounting to either side of the rail system, they can be used alone or in combination to create a rail system that meets your needs, and optimizes the MI-24C abilities.  The MI-24C’s Patent Pending design allows these rails to be installed on most stocks without any need for any modifications.

Once installed, these extensions give the MI-24C the ability to mount other accessories on to your Mosin Nagant including lasers, infrared lights. cameras, the possibilities are endless.

  • 6061 aluminum construction
  • Special hard coating that reduces chipping and scratching
  • Resistance to salt spray corrosion.

Available Soon in our online store.

Made right here in the USA!

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