New MI-24C Rail System for the Mosin Nagant M91/30

Available Now from the RSI store!

The MI-24C  91/30 rail system is the latest addition to the RSI product catalog.  This rail is modeled after the US Armies M24E1 sniper rifles picatinny rail system.  It mounts using the same hole pattern as our standard mounts with an addition mount at the Mosin Nagant front site.  Designed to allow for expansion the M24C rail includes 2 additional attachment points on either side for accessory rails (available separately in November) to expand it’s capabilities even further.  The M24C rail system can be used with flip up sites, conventional scopes, LER scopes or used in combination with night vision and other rail mounted accessories.  If your looking to build a tactical Mosin give this mount a try.  Available in Hex as well as Round Receiver models,  The MI-24C is available now from our online store .  Coming Soon: Right and Left side  45 degree or 90 degree side accessory rails will be available to expand your system.  Order now for free shipping through January 1 2014.

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